Naruto 688 English – Tactics and Kamui

Kakashi making Tobi useless Naruto 688 with his tactics and Kamui and that’s exactly what I am referring to. He managed to derive tactics because he understood that “his” left eye’s power was connected to the same dimension as Tobi’s right eye, how do you think he would have been able to figure this out if he didn’t have Obito’s left eye and that’s what I’m saying.

naruto manga 688

naruto manga 688

Yeah, he can surely better analyse the situation than them and see openings that Naruto & Sasuke would otherwise not see. But he’s still nonetheless more prone to die than them. Nvm the rest.So he is totally wrong by stating that Naruto is faster then Sasuke and then you say Naruto has also been faster then Sasuke? Am I missing something?

Oh and Sasuke with no ST(as you said he always was) and Naruto actually using his speed would make Sasuke unable to dodge him, sharingan or no sharingan. If Sasuke can’t dodge full speed Raikage then he can’t dodge full speed Naruto (before current powerups). He would need to block with Susano like he did vs Raikage.

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