Naruto 696 – Sasuke’s Chidori & Naruto’s Bijuu Dama.

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naruto manga 696

naruto manga 696

Sasuke notices and mentions if this is all Naruto has, Sasuke mentions that he will die if he keeps on slacking. Naruto mentions that there is no way he’ll let him kill him, he also mentions that he’s going on ahead with the whole lone wolf act again.

Naruto mentions that he is his only best friend, we see Sasuke’s Susanoo falter after hearing this and begins to create a Chidori. Naruto mentions that he chose this Valley because he knew what it meant to both of them. Both of them get ready with Sasuke’s Chidori and Naruto’s Bijuu Dama.

I am biased as hell. I try not to sound biased when posting analyses on here, but it doesn’t always work. This is the way I’ve been interpreting the manga for the past seven years, and it’s not likely to change anytime soon.

Conversely, someone who quite adamantly does not want Sasuke and Sakura to end up together would be much more critical of them and quicker to judge on principle. You’ve seen these arguments — “Sasuke treats Sakura like shit,” “Sakura’s pathetic for still loving him,” and all that fun stuff.

You don’t have to agree with these arguments, but that doesn’t make them any less valid. It all boils down to personal opinion — personal bias.

So isn’t it a little hypocritical of you people to accuse people who support rival ships of being biased when you yourself are biased to begin with?

I’m not trying to support or deny any pairings with this post; I’m just trying to point out a serious flaw in a common argument I see on multiple sides of this shipping war.

Naruto Manga 695 – Naruto’s dealt with hate

Sasuke doesn’t want Naruto I’m sure you are searching for Naruto 695 to go back to being treated like that after coming so far and thinks that he is saving him from suffering again? He wants Naruto to die as a hero the way he is and not get broken down.

naruto manga 695

naruto manga 695

Well the way I see it is that for Sasuke to achieve his plans, he can’t have anyone in his way, that would interfere with his decisions. Not physically, but mentally. It’s why he says he has to kill Naruto BECAUSE he is the closest thing he’s ever had to a best friend. He doesn’t want anyone or anything to question his judgment, because if something/someone did, Sasuke wouldn’t be able to force his way to the best of his ability. It’s safe to say that if he did kill Naruto, he would go after Sakura just to make sure no feelings ever come up. But from the way Kishi has chosen to draw doesn’t seem like Sasuke is convinced of his plan, and it also gives birth to an idea…

What if Sasuke is just thinking that Naruto is going to get ‘used’ like Itachi was.

He’s trying to save Naruto from the burdens/ ‘hatred’ because Sasuke knows that he could/will take it.

Naruto’s dealt with hate since he was little. He’s spent his life proving people wrong and making bonds with everyone, changing their view on him completely.
He’s loved by the people who used to despise and fear him.

Naruto 693 – Sasuke Chose The Right Path

Once he finally achieved his life’s dream, he naruto 693 was confronted with the fact that his life was a lie, that his brother did love him (but still beat him, tortured him, and slaughtered his family). Amazingly, in the end, Sasuke chose the right path of his own devices once he was able to center himself and find clarity in his life. He put aside the past (something even previous Kages could not do), forgave his village despite them not deserving it, and decided to do what was right. How does that make him selfish? He essentially admitted he was wrong, and chose a new path. That is the complete opposite of arrogance.

naruto manga 693

naruto manga 693

He wanted to kill sentient beings that posed a massive threat to the lives of every person on the planet. Funny how he hasn’t said a peep about the Biju or killing them since. Sasuke does what is necessary. When Madara popped up, what was his first reaction? To kill him because he was a threat. Same thinking behind killing the Biju, it’s called logic.

As far as imposing his desired system, we don’t even know what it is he wants to do so no judging yet. The fact that he knows better than anyone else now given his history lesson and what he’s learned from his own life, and then you being chosen by the Sage, I think it’s safe to say people should be shutting up and letting him speak as they no nothing compared to him.Sasuke was arrogant in Part I though, which is why he got jealous of Naruto and left the village. He thought he was better than Naruto and when he saw Naruto do great feats, he thought he wasn’t getting any stronger. He’s not arrogant anymore though, nor is he the same as he was earlier. The change is obvious when Sasuke, who back then was willin to kill the Juubi despite Naruto telling him not to, did not continue to go after Madara after the Sage told him to chill. What I wanna know is, why the face when Naruto mentioned havin tons of friends?

Naruto 693 – Reforming the 9 beasts into the juubi

When Sasuke does get Naruto 693 “out of the way”, how does he expect to cancel the effects of infinite tsukuyomi? Does he plan on reforming the 9 beasts into the juubi and becoming the Juubi jin like Madara and Obito to cancel it? Or maybe he’s gonna stick rods into naruto to force him to comply?

Lookking back at how Naruto’s fight with Nagato has me worried about his upcoming battle with Sasuke. Plus, the possibility of Saskue being able to use limbo with his sharrinegan puts sasuke a bit above naruto.

naruto manga 693

naruto manga 693

He had patience and obviously gave it a thought. surely you don’t think he gave more thought or had more patience than Madara. Madara basically lived a century to plan and think about his goal. Obito did the same from his early teens to adulthood. same for Nagato, he had years to think about his goal. they also spent decades to act accordingly.

and about change of purpose; he wanted to kill the Kages previously because of revenge. now he want to kill the Kages because he thinks himself as righteous. previous situation was unlike Nagato, Madara or Obito. but, with recent development, he fell into same category as those all depends on perception. now, i don’t know about Kishi, ultimately it is going to depend on him how he is gonna portray this. so, i can only talk for myself.

his motivation, to put it simply, doesn’t make any kind of sense.

One Piece 761 – The Inherited Will of D

Luffy will need alliances for what Roger didn’t accomplish, One Piece 761 manga which was… whatever was the reason he encouraged the whole world to look for One Piece. This is the Inherited Will theory speaking in me, but I believe Roger didn’t make any alliances because he found himself dying and didn’t have the time to use One Piece as he wanted.

one piece 761

one piece 761

I really wish they’d make their minds about when they want to post these things. But anyway, despite being a little short, the chapter was good. Seems like both Trebol and Law are out of the fight. Also, I get the feeling that Oda is building up a moment where Bellamy breaks free of Doflamingo’s control and cuts Luffy free. That could be his moment. Incidentally, does anyone feel that Doflamingo is officially more evil than the Celestial Dragons that we saw in the Sabody Arc? I mean, he thinks his life has been shit because he was removed from the life of luxury he felt he deserved, just because his father was a decent man. That explains why he decided to reclaim Dressrosa. And I get the feeling that now that Luffy knows the whole story, he may not need Law’s help to fight Doflamingo. I believe his righteous fury at the CD’s will give him the power he needs to win, provided it doesn’t cloud his judgement. Also, if Blackbeard is suppose to be the final villain, I wonder how Oda’s going to make him more evil than Doffy.Oh, I almost forgot. Since the cover story shows Jinbe learning about Luffy’s alliance, I guess his series takes place before all this happened, probably began right after Jinbe dropped off Caribou. I can only imagine how it’ll catch up to the present.

Bleach 597 – Royal Palace Guards lay dead

Because people were complaining apparently Bleach chapter 597, now that Kubo is killing characters, people don’t like it

Anyway, what can I say, thank god Mayuri is around, he’s really making these fights more interesting
Honestly, Bleach should turn into a Seinen… Feels as if Kubo enjoys doing this, imagine Mayuri’s experiments if this was a Seinen…

bleach manga 597

bleach manga 597

After reading the chapter the only thing i have to say…

What the heck am i reading?

I am not hatting, but current events are… disturbing. There’s no value to personas, that where developed through all these years.

Most of captains and other fooder survived Aizens onslaught. And now… everyone is dying!!! The heck is going on.

At this point, i wouldn’t be surprised if Ichigo gets killed from a single touch. Afterwards Chad saves the day, killing all bad guys and fu*** Inoue happily ever after. End of the story.

And i get the vibe, that all of Royal Palace Guards lay dead.

Why did Kubo shift this manga so much?


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